The A&A Guarantee

Do any of these situations sound familiar?

  • The worker who can’t adapt their process to unforeseen changes in their environment, like a part breaking down on the line or a coworker calling in sick.

  • The frustrated employee who spends more time fixing problems than carrying out their own job responsibilities.

  • The middle manager who withholds critical information due to their internal biases.

  • The prideful executive who can’t delegate tasks to others causing the whole team to miss its delivery schedule.

  • The team that fears change and therefore doesn’t adopt new strategies in a timely manner.

  • The scheduling system that doesn’t consider the personal lives and attitudinal shifts of the employees, leading to frustration and a high turnover.

You’re not alone. We guarantee that clients utilizing the total package of A&A services will meet their minimum rate of return, typically 4:1.

Real-world results rarely come overnight, so every project is divded into two phases, each with milestones. In Phase 1, you are guaranteed a minimum 1:1 ROI – in other words, you can’t lose money. In phase 2, each milestone coincides with an expected Return on Investment.  As you continue to see results, the engagement continues. If results aren’t there on time, you pay nothing more until things are back on track!

Guaranteed Return on Investment

We Guarantee you’ll see a minimum 4:1 ROI, or you don’t pay.

“The team helped me increase the throughput of several of the production lines by almost double within the first few months.”

Kevin J., Plant Manager

“Not only did Eric’s team help my organization to achieve the financial results, he was also able to help me see some of my strongest players for who they were and the opportunities for improvements with others.”

Daniel D., Executive Director of Operations