Business Process Optimization

Work with Certified Six Sigma Black Belts

Need a different set of eyes on your problems? In-house process improvements often lack the experience and objectivity needed to truly solve a problem. After all, problems are rarely solved by the same team that create them. Business Process Optimization consultants use common and uncommon approaches to resolving your process issues. 

Our proven consultants will work with management in the development and execution of process improvements, ranging from simple observations to a Kaizen event, and applying concepts such as the common lean processes or the less common theory of constraints. We’ll help you break down the issues in just about any process, discover its’ root cause, and solve it once and for all.

We have seen better up-time and better response time which has resulted in less lost time. Organizational skills have improved. Ownership, accountability, approach, utilization, planning, verification, and urgency have greatly improved throughout the entire plant.

Joe, Plant Manager