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21 02, 2020

Will Improving Productivity Hurt Company Morale?

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The water cooler.  The break room. Those sacred places in the company where employees congregate to catch up on the latest news, share information, and build enough stamina to get through the day. Necessary...or a waste of time? When I consult with companies around the world, we often have to address the culprits of lost productivity. This means we look at time wasted in idle conversations, extraneous breaks, and irrelevant interruptions.  Yet some managers worry: “Will eliminating all this wasted time kill morale? Without the water cooler, what do I really have in company culture?”  This blog will show that [...]

11 07, 2018

Fearless Leadership

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Have you ever taken the time to study great business leaders? In the business world, we revere people like Steve Jobs or Bill Gates for leading their organizations to monolithic success. I can't imagine someone thinking of them as anything other than the most competent of their kind. These are brilliant men, and their legacies will stand the test of time because of how they led. If you're in Leadership, chances are pretty high that somewhere along the way someone also believed you to be a competent leader. Someone believed that you have the potential to do great things and [...]

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