Things You Can Do Today for a Better Workplace Tomorrow

Leading well has always been a challenge, but managing a team well during a pandemic adds a level of difficulty, to be sure. Some teams are working remotely, which can lead to feeling disjointed and distant. Many are navigating delayed timelines, financial uncertainties, and personal struggles. If you’re a leader who feels as though things have gotten “off track” in recent months, these six simple reminders will help you and your team move forward, boost company morale, and conquer challenges that arise. 

Be a Visionary 

A good leader can both see what’s important and chart a path for their team to get there. What’s most urgent is not necessarily what’s most important, and good leaders must know how to distinguish between the two. Keep the big picture in mind: bottom lines, company culture, future objectives. Don’t let today’s hiccup get things off track. 

Take Care of Yourself

It might seem unrelated on the surface, but burned out people make terrible leaders. Taking time to read a book to improve your leadership perspective, carving out time to exercise, and getting enough sleep will keep you balanced and healthy. Doing these things will “hack your mental chemistry” when you feel stuck or overwhelmed. You’ll have fresh eyes to tackle problems at work, more bandwidth to get creative, and better overall morale.

Learn How to Delegate

As a manager, it can be easy to take the reins on every initiative. But delegating some tasks will enable you to work harder and better on the things that truly require your attention. Delegating projects is also an excellent way to test the waters for an employee’s potential promotion while growing their own leadership skills. If they consistently handle assigned tasks with ease and confidence, they’re probably ready for that next step.  Delegation is not purely the redistribution of tasks but an opportunity to teach and develop someone else.  Remember that while delegating, although the tasks have been reassigned, the responsibility for their timely and effective completion is still on you.

Communicate Well

Every single leader is constantly learning how to communicate more effectively with their team. Some simple tricks: be present when possible. A leader who only touches base by email feels distant. And be a good listener – the better you understand your team and their perspective, the better you’ll be able to lead them. Finally, be direct and transparent. Beating around the bush leaves your employees confused, and if they don’t understand your point, you cannot empower them to improve.

Set Boundaries

Consistent checkpoints and reviews allow small issues to be addressed before they get out of hand. If an employee is underperforming, creating a toxic work environment, or even simply making a repeated mistake, correct it as soon as possible. Creating clear boundaries about what’s expected and acceptable creates better morale company-wide.

Collaborate Often

Collaboration gets a company further than command ever could. This kind of leadership requires flexibility and ingenuity, but allowing others to bring ideas and solutions to the table will allow you to excel – even when times get tough. A leader who can recognize good ideas and promote a team dynamic over a “me” dynamic will earn the respect of his or her team in the long run.