In recent years, many companies have seen a slow shift in the workplace — more and more employees are staying home. Whether due to a difficult commute, a need for flexibility, or simply finding no impetus to be present in the office, working remotely has had an appeal, especially in certain industries. But now, as COVID-19 brings a new normal to the work week, businesses everywhere are finding remote work their best or only option. Companies who have already put “work from home” policies in place at some earlier point may be handling this shift fairly well. But many teams are struggling to keep productivity and professionalism alive as they navigate these waters for the first time. 

Is This the Beginning of a Permanent Shift?

In short, yes — I believe it is. Particularly in fields like software and engineering, the remote work trend has been growing for a while, and has certainly spiked during this pandemic. Many employees will find that they’d rather work from home permanently, and it will become every leader’s job to learn how to manage and motivate this new setup in a way that’s beneficial for the company and its employees alike. 

Whether you intended it or not, the genie is out of the bottle. It’s probably best to figure out what to do with it, rather than hope to put it back in its place. 

How To Lead Remote Teams Well

Leading remote teams holds its own set of challenges, but it can be done with great success. Setting clear expectations and communicating well will push your team toward excellence, whether you’re in the office together or not. I’ll be sharing more about this in the coming weeks so that you can be resourced well to keep your business thriving, no matter where your employees are stationed during these difficult days. 

As a leader, it’s never been more important to stay flexible and adaptable. The flow of your team’s work week may have changed, but your goals remain the same: stay efficient and productive, produce great work, and keep a healthy employee culture. When you hit your stride with a remote team, you may even find that everyone’s time is maximized and productivity levels increase. If you’d like to ensure that your remote team is running efficiently, schedule a call today! A&A’s expertise will enable your company to reach new heights while staying home.